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Prompt 1: Short Story

Create a short story using all you have learned so far in the unit. Include archetypes, literary elements, figurative language, and academic vocabulary words you learned in the course to shape your story. What is the setting, plot, characters, etc. How will you use figurative language such as metaphor and alliteration? What type of characters will you include? Ensure that you also demonstrate a clear point-of-view such as omniscient, limited omniscient, third-person, narrative, or first person, within your story.

Your short story should include a title, and be a minimum of 1 page and a maximum of 5 pages in length. Please submit a typed paper, using Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, and double-spaced lines (Please space your lines). Be sure to also use paragraph formatting, with the first line of each paragraph being indented.

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Self Disclosure

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Self Disclosure
Question One

This course has opened me up to new insights regarding the handling of self-disclosure to
new people. In particular, I have learned about the need to hold back some of the sensitive
information to avoid being misjudged by people who do not know me personally. Through this
course, I have now reflected back on an incident that occurred late in my high school days where
my disclosure was recanted in later days. In particular, I had agreed to a blind date with a
gorgeous partner who I had met through Facebook. Although we had only chatted for a few
months, I was already becoming too comfortable with them, to the point of sharing personal
information. At the time, I had lost a relative and was in need of emotional help thereby
prompting me to share it with the partner during the first data. Besides, I also ended up telling
my new partner about our family and the issues bedeviling our family.
Surprisingly, I did not think that I was disclosing too much at the time and was even
surprised when they held back information regarding themselves. A few days later, I would
regret my action of disclosing too much information based on the treatment I received from
them. I have also posted news pertaining to my anticipated promotion or success in my education
on Facebook and then went ahead to recant that information. In particular, my post on my
anticipated admission to college received so much interest from my friends that I had to remove
it. I was particularly scared that most of my friends did not mean wel...

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