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The advanced practice nurse is updating the plan of care of nursing home patients with hypertension.

  1. Briefly describe the therapeutic actions of drugs affecting blood pressure (diuretics, ACE inhibitors, ARBs, CCB, sympathetic nervous system drugs).
  2. What important teaching points should be addressed for patients receiving antihypertensive drugs?

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Treatment of Hypertension
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Treatment of Hypertension
Therapeutic Actions of Drugs Affecting Blood Pressure.
Most prescribed drugs and other over-the-counter medications affect the blood pressure,
and they complicate control measures in individuals being treated for hypertension. Some of the
situations that indicate the effects of these drugs include the presence of commodities, evidence
of biochemical undercurrent use of these drugs, loss of hypertension control, and atypical
hypertension. These drugs include nonaspirin nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, the use of
alcohol rich in ethanol, cocaine, anabolic steroids, phencyclidine estrogens, BB combination,
among others. These drugs alter the balance of sodium in the body, suppress the parasympathetic
neural activity, and cause effects on the vascular smooth muscle. Besides the employment of
lifestyle modifications, therapeutic actions remain the best ways of man...

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