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This is in response to the (2) Discussion Questions you responded to a few days ago

Disc 1 (Bounded Rationality)

Well thought out respond. "I would not due this since the error only represents the changes in the prices of the stock.  These changes do not reflect the value of the company.  As a result of this, the error will not have any effect in the future welfare of the company.  If the economy will be down at that time, then the stock prices will also be low.  This in turn might result in me making huge loss." What do you believe this connection is to marketing and our customers?

Disc 2 (The Competitive Environment at the Industry Level)

Let's look at your choice, "In my opinion, coming up with a gasoline station is the most attractive business opportunity.  This is because it seems to be very stable as there is no interference with the prices of the gasoline products." I see many gas stations going out of is it that stable? We will most probably always have the need for gasoline but what about our competitors and the many choices? What does that factor play in the big picture?

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