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Based on the case of Annie Wilke's in the attached document, complete the one-page case conceptualization form attached. Be sure to initial the client (AF) when filling out the form.

Fill out as much information as you possibly can. Please note you MUST know about Cognitive-Behavioral Theory (CBT) in order to fill out this form.

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Counseling Case Conceptualization Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Version 1.3 Counselor: Client/Case #: Date: VII. Cognitive-Behavioral Conceptualization Baseline of Symptomatic Behavior Symptom #1 (behavioral description): Frequency: Duration: Context(s): Events Before: Events After: Symptom #2 (behavioral description): Frequency: Duration: Context(s): Events Before: Events After: A-B-C Analysis of Irrational Beliefs Activating Event (“Problem”): Consequence (Mood, behavior, etc.): Mediating Beliefs (Unhelpful beliefs about event that result in C): 1. 2. 3. Beck’s Schema Analysis Identify frequently used cognitive schemas: q Arbitrary inference: q Selective abstraction: q Overgeneralization: q Magnification/Minimization: q Personalization: q Absolutist/dichotomous thinking: q Mislabeling: q Mindreading: ©2007. Diane R. Gehart, Ph.D. From Theories and Treatment Planning in Counseling & Psychotherapy (Cengage; 2012) 1 ...
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