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  1. Explain the direct and indirect characterization changes of the Giver or Jonas.
  2. There are two types of sound as discussed in class. Define one of the two sound types and identify one scene from the movie, The Giver, that features this.


  • At the end of your answer, include a open-ended question to the class to further the discussion on the questions.

  • CategoryDescriptionPossible PolintsEarned PointsInitial postPosts are well developed and fully answers questions; information provided from the readings is factually correct; minumum of 150 words20Response to classmates' postsShows analysis of classmates’ posts; builds on initial post by classmate and is factually correct; must have a minimum of one follow-up posts; followup post is a minimum of 30 words10Supportive detailsRefers to readings and movies within the posts to support answers/responses10Grammar and APAPosts are clear and concise as well as free of grammar and spelling errors; APA is used correctly10

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