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Write a 4 page essay in which you explore speeches and songs as historical sources:


In this essay, attempt to analyze three speeches in your essay:

  1. A Solemn Hour- Mussolini (invasion of Ethiopia)
  2. Speech of January 3, 1925- Mussolini (many historians consider this as the start of Mussolini’s dictatorship)
  3. Speech on Novecento- Mussolini (Highlights Mussolini’s belief that the Fascsit political revolution must be accompanied by a cultural revolution)
  • Determine/ argue the effectiveness of the speeches as a historical source and analyze the intended messages
  • Evaluate and determine the audience’s response to the speeches
  • Explain how the speeches are an accurate depiction of Mussolini’s fascist stance and representation of the state of Fascism in Italy during the time period.
  • Identify language and words in the speeches that connote or justify aggression/ invoke Italian patriotism
  • Provide historical context for the speeches

Essay must have a clear thesis, body paragraphs, conclusion, and works cited page (MLA Chicago Style).


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