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In one brief paragraph, introduce yourself to the class. You may present whatever information you feel comfortable sharing with the class (e.g., age, hometown, family life, previous educational experiences, current job(s); interests, hobbies, or extracurricular activities, etc.), but do include why you are taking the class (“taking the class because it fulfills a GE requirement” is a perfectly fine answer) and what you hope to learn from it. Try to include some information that will make your entry memorable and interesting. Your introduction should be on the order of ¼ to ½ of a page in length. Your Introduction is worth three (3) points. Click the Reply button (below) to post your introduction and respond to other members of the class.

Next, read your classmates’ posts and reply to two (2). Make sure to say “hi” and respond positively to something they said. The responses need not be long, but in some way substantive. Each reply is worth one (1) point, or two (2) points total.

In total, this assignment is worth 5 points.

Revisit the discussion throughout the week to read recent additions.

Please remember to apply the "NETIQUETTE“rules stated in the syllabus (i.e., be respectful when posting and replying to others posts). Points will be deducted for not following these rules.

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