Composition 2 read 2 article and answer the 12 questions


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For two articles, one from the list and one of your choice, complete the following:

  1. Format the source according to a style and link to the text.
  2. State the main position in a complete sentence with a formatted quote (or paraphrased) and a signal phrase and citation.
  3. List any claims and/or evidence offered in support of the position.
  4. State any acknowledged oppositional positions or claims and any included refutation.
  5. Explain how the position in the article relates to a claim or position from our topic.
  6. Quote one piece of information from the article and explain how it could be used as context in your presentation or as evidence to support a claim (include the claim and your position).

Respond to 1-6 for your first article and then respond to 1-6 for your second article.

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