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I'm working on a business plans project and need a sample draft to help me learn.

A Business Plan is an entrepreneur’s most crucial business document. Writing a Business Plan is a strategic step for a Small Business Owner to set, monitor, and achieve goals. Assume that you have an idea to present centered on a product or issue. So, students will research and write an Introduction to the idea to present to an Investor or Senior Management. This assignment will provide the learner with the knowledge, features, and insights to “get started” and better understand this strategic map to an establishment’s destination. Title this sub heading of paper: Small Business Offering or Small Business Issue. This Section should be titled and listed in front of Business Plan section.

Be sure to include following sub topics from Attachment A in this Part B Assignment of Business Plan Research Project:

Executive Summary, Marketing Strategy, Location and Layout, Description of Management Team, Plan of Operation, Financial Forecast, Loan or Investment Proposal

Paper must be 6 to 8 pages, APA format and written in a strategic comprehensive manner. Must include quantitative data, charts or graphs; integration of theories learned in this class or previous classes. Paper must include a minimum of 5 credible references.

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