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Read the article linked below and annotate the article using the strategies we've been discussing in class. Remember to make notes using the suggestions below.

You can print the article and make your notes there or take notes on the article on a tablet and upload a version of it here. (Links to an external site.)


Please make notes using the following strategies:

Highlighting/Underlining/Summarizing/Paraphrasing Main Ideas & Important Points

  • Thesis Statements
  • Topic Sentences
  • Important Statistics/details

Vocabulary (use at least three techniques for each new word)

  • Collocations (words that go together often, i.e. phrasal verbs, idiomatic expressions give up or cycle of poverty)
  • Parts of Speech (noun, adjective, adverb, verb, etc.)
  • Synonym
  • Definition
  • Translation
  • Connotation/Use (what does the word mean in the context)

Notes on outside Ideas

  • Personal knowledge/Research
  • Opinions/Comments
  • Connections to other information


Interesting or Relevant Information

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