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Identified issue - Work Environment

Write 5 pages of paper in APA 7 format, Times roman font with 3 scholarly references. Same content on 4 PPT slides.

Background: Describe the issue, discuss the problem, and elaborate on any previous attempts to examine that issue.

Research Questions: In your identified problem area that you are discussing, what were the research questions that were asked?

Research Hypothesis: What are the corresponding research hypothesis?

Methodology: What approach did the researcher use, qualitative, quantitative, survey, case study? Describe the population that was chosen. Data Analysis: What were some of the findings, for example, if there were any hypotheses asked, were they supported?

Conclusions: What was the conclusion of any data collections, e.g., were research questions answered, were hypotheses supported?

Discussion: Here you can expand on the research and what the big picture means, how do the results found in the literature review help organizations in the Information Technology strategy planning. What do you see as long-term impacts and what further research could be done in the field

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