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Truck route store counter


Write a method that accepts a list of stores (represented as rough x and y location coordinates) that have been visited along a truck delivery route. We need to determine how many times each store is visited for deliveries. The method should return each unique store (set of coordinates), along with how many times that set of coordinates occurred in the list. That result should also be displayed.

Also document to walk through thought process, design approach/considerations, and the code.

  • Multiple alternative approach in usage of new methods and functions
  • Follow industry standards and also code should be well documented
  • In-depth guide with all details and steps to arrive to the answer
  • Code Comments and Proper organization of files and folder
  • Maintaining Security standards and Performance issues
  • Error return values and exception handling conventions

Test values:

[{“x”:5, “y”:3},

{“x”:0, “y”:0},

{“x”:4, “y”:3},

{“x”:3, “y”:3},

{“x”:2, “y”:3},

{“x”:1, “y”:3},

{“x”:0, “y”:3},

{“x”:-1, “y”:3},

{“x”:5, “y”:3},

{“x”:0, “y”:0},

{“x”:5, “y”:3}]

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