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This will be a 3-5 page paper (no more and no less) providing your reaction and sociological analysis to a New York Times. The purpose of this paper is to briefly and concisely relate a current social issue, problem or condition to the course material. It must be related to society or a social issue and not older than one year. Be sure to get the complete article as it is published. I recommend you the ELAC library search engines to find an appropriate article.

The Times Society Reaction Paper must include the following elements:

I. 3-5 pages MLA

II. Article must be related to a social issue or social problem

III. At least four (4) citations from the text. You must be able to connect your reaction one or more of the assigned text readings. A formal citation is required. You may use APA or MLA. Include a work cited for text and your chosen article.

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