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Note: Re-create the same design. Use the correct symbols. You work should look professional.

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Instructor: Dr. Charles DeSassure Class: ISOL536-Security Architecture and Design Assignment: Lab – Threat Modeling Design Length : Design Assignment Total points: 10 points Due date: See course web site Overview: • Being able to design a threat model diagram is essential. • The objective of this assignment is for you to receive hands-on experience designing a threat model diagram. • There are free threat model online tools available. • Option 1: You may use an free online tool. • Option 2: Google search and you will see a list of Threat Modeling Design tools. • Option 3: Use MS Vision or MS Word. Instructions: • • • • Watch the video about Threat Modeling. For this assignment, you MUST use the correct symbols. Redesign the Threat Modeling diagram on the next page. Within your diagram, add another Database File branching from the College Databases Library. • Cover sheet not required. • Change the page format to the landscape. • Insert or paste your threat modeling diagram. • Your diagram should look LIKE the diagram on the next page. • Save the file. • Upload your lab to the course web site by the due date. Your design should look like the one on the next page. If not, it is wrong!!!! Use the same shape. Your work should look professional. Threat Modeling Diagram ...
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