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Benefits of the DPE approach?(diagnostic/prescriptive/evaluative )

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What are the benefits of the DPE approach? How can it be applied to the classroom curriculum?

Nov 11th, 2014

Benefits for Journalists

  1. Smart, platform independent, easy to use web front ends
  2. Consistent look & feel amongst various user front ends
  3. Work and connect from anywhere

Benefits for Admin

  1. Generic, extendable user rights management
  2. Centralized system configuration via web front end
  3. Active Directory synchronization
  4. Integrated workflow system
  5. Continuous system health state & error diagnostic
  6. Scalability from single to multiuser environments

DPE Migration strategy

  1. Keep the current database model and build the new system around – ensure backward compatibility
  2. Add new structures to the current database – which Dare available for new applications thru new interfaces
  3. Replace the current database model – new and interfaced applications will run on top of that

End of 2011, DPE has been first kicked off with the ParameterViewer. The ParameterViewer is a converter which can read and display the configuration of the existing DigaSystem. It contains a Google-like search function meaning a better search and compare ability.

ParameterEditor edits configurations (ParameterViewer was read-only) using a Microsoft Silverlight front end. ParameterCompare offers comparisons of configurations from different users.ProtocolViewer marks the introduction of new Logging Services. With ProtocolViewer a better scalability and improved filter mechanisms significantly ease the life of administrators.

Nov 11th, 2014

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Nov 11th, 2014
Nov 11th, 2014
Oct 18th, 2017
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