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HI i want you guys too do my assignment which i have just uploaded need to do it nicely and no plagirism for the first assessment my topic in superannuation laws in Australia follow the same topic where need it also need to provide what kind of changes have been made because of covid 19 as well in my topic.

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RTO: 40811 CPW 4 Business Writing (BSBWRT401) Assessment details CANDIDATE to complete this section Name: Student ID: Trainer name: CANDIDATE to keep a record of your own progress RESULT IN EACH ASSESSMENT ITEM DUE DATE GRADE (Please indicate by using S for Satisfactory and U for Unsatisfactory) Assessment 1 – Part A Assessment 1 – Part B Assessment 1 – Part C Assessment 1 – Part D Assessment 1 – Part E Assessment 2 – Part A Assessment 2 – Part B Portfolio of assessment items OVERALL RESULTS (Please delete either one for resulting) COMPETENT NOT YET COMPETENT FEEDBACK (Please enter details of constructive feedback) ASSESSMENT GUIDELINES FOR STUDENTS • You need to achieve a ‘Competent’ grade in ALL the assessments items to be granted a ‘Competent’ grade in the unit. • In case you are not able to achieve a ‘Competent’ grade in any assessment task, you will be given three (3) attempts to resubmit your assessment. Your trainer will be available to assist you in any areas of difficulty. Please discuss the assessment with your trainer to seek advice on how you can achieve competency in the unit. • Where relevant, oral questions may be asked to gather more information on your knowledge, skills and competence in the unit. • A holistic approach is used to assess your skills relevant to this qualification. The skills are assessed across the different units offered within this qualification. Where a skill Document name 20210131063410cpw4_competency_assessment_v8 Issue date Nov. 2019 Review date Reference to SNR NVR Nov. 2021 Document control management – Uncontrolled when printed Version no 8 Assessment Page 1 of 4 RTO: 40811 relevant to this unit is not assessed within this assessment pack, please note that the skill will be assessed in another unit. Submission instructions In this assessment you will answer a number of questions and prepare the report described below in stages. It is important that at each stage you keep a separate copy of your progress. At the end you will collate all of the documents into one MS Word document using section breaks as required and submit. It is essential that your work is performed in class, and observed by the trainer. Assessment 1 Retain separate copies of your work at each stage of development for assessment. Prepare an individual report (1000 words) based on one of the options below to inform the manager so that the manager can make a decision. As part of the report you will include some data in a table and graph form. Include some information from three other online sources. Note: No reports will be accepted based on previous assessment topics such as moving client server information systems to cloud service provider. Option 1 - You choose the technology topic (trainer approved). Prepare a report for your manager recommending the benefits of a technology. You can choose any technology (approved by trainer) used for the benefit of the business. The analysis will include pros and cons of the technology including the strategic benefits and associated risks. Option 2 - SME Business problem. Prepare a report for your business manager. The business manager wants to implement new Information Systems for Payroll, Supply chain management, and Ecommerce. You will recommend to the manager off the shelf information systems to satisfy the managers requirements. You will include two possible solutions and compare and recommend. CPW4 Business Writing WRT401 v8 (Nov. 2019) Page 2 of 4 RTO: 40811 Part A Before spending considerable time at a desk (and in front of a computer), it is important to consider your health, well-being and efficiency. In relation to sitting at a desk writing reports, briefly list the basic procedures that you should follow for: • Ergonomics • Minimising over use syndrome • Breaks • Using software and hard ware Part B Now that you have established procedures for working at a desk and using software appropriately, you are to plan for the report (select topic from option 1 & 2). You should also address the following questions which will also form a checklist for use at the end of this project. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. What is the purpose of the document? Why is a report the most appropriate means of communication the task above? What are the requirements of the document? What are the logical sequence or categories should you use in this report? Why? What is the structure and contents of the document? How will you review data, information and knowledge according to the structure and contents of the document? 7. What is a style guide? Research and find a relevant style guide for a business report. Include URL link. Part C Considering your responses to the questions in Part B, create a template for a document in Microsoft word processing application and save. • Your template should include at least six different design elements and should vary from the default setting of the software application. • Include header information, footer information, document version number and date. • Note: This template will be used for your report described above (refer option 1 & 2) Part D 1. 2. 3. 4. Create an original initial draft report and save. Include the created table and graph. Seek feedback from your trainer. Describe the interpretation of your data to the trainer. Record all feedback from your trainer in comments on the original initial draft report and save. Part E 1. Create a second draft of the report and save. 2. Proof read your document and highlight (yellow) all issues (e.g. spelling, grammar, and formatting etc.) and save. Create a final report and save. CPW4 Business Writing WRT401 v8 (Nov. 2019) Page 3 of 4 RTO: 40811 Assessment 2 Part A Answer the following questions in a word document and save. For each email include information for the email to, from and a subject line. 1. Write an email to your manager where you have attached the final version of the report from Assessment 1 and request feedback. 2. Assuming that your manager replies with instructions on changes. Write an appropriate response email. Include in the response email a request for any further information that you think you may need to complete the report. Part B Your trainer needs to observe you demonstrating the following essential skills in your workplace or in a simulated environment. These skills can be observer during the preparation of the group report. Essential Skills Demonstrate how you have; • Communication skills to clarify requirements of documents. • Literacy skills to edit and proofread documents; to create documents with a complex, organised structure of linked paragraphs which use simple and complex syntactic structure. • Numeracy skills to collate and present data, graphs and annotated references. • Problem-solving skills to use processes flexibly and interchangeably. Example Arrange for your assessor to observe you demonstrating the skills; • Clarify requirements of a document by communicating with the person who composed the document. • Explain the processes you used to proof read and edit your documents. • Prepared that includes graphs, tables, and annotated references • Explain the processes you followed when you were unsure of the appropriate format, layout or distribution method that you were required to use for a specific document. Submit Assessment • • • Keep a copy of all files to date. Compile an assessment submission word document. Use section breaks as required so that original formatting is maintained. Please upload ONE only word document with all assessment items included. Any questions? Please ask the trainer! CPW4 Business Writing WRT401 v8 (Nov. 2019) Page 4 of 4 ...
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