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  • Chapter 10: Project Communications Management
  • Chapter 11: Project Risk Management
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Read the opening case on page 390 of the text. Prepare a communications plan for the team. There is a template in the Student Resources in the Additional Materials of the course.

Read the opening case on page 426. Prepare a risk register for the team. There is a template in the Student Resources in the Additional Materials of the course.

You may also click here to obtain these templates.


After you have completed the two templates, write a 4 page paper in APA format (not including the cover page and reference page). Please use the APA Sample provided in the student resources to complete your assignment. Conduct some research in the LIRN about failed IT projects and the lessons learned. After you have located several sources, address the following questions using your research to provide the examples that you will analyze. You must have at least 2 sources and use appropriate APA citation and referencing.

The concept of a communications management plan makes logical sense, yet many projects do not create or follow this type of plan. Why do you think this is the case?

Were the risks appropriately assessed and measured and addressed during the course of the project? How can risks be measured? What procedures were used and what could have been used?

Make sure that your paper addresses the following:

  • Planning project communications and how to create a communications management plan.
  • Managing communications, including communication technologies, media, and performance reporting.
  • Methods for controlling communications to ensure that information needs are met throughout the life of the project.
  • The process of identifying risks and create a risk register (apply the top 10 risk items).
  • Qualitative risk analysis and explain how to calculate risk factors, create probability/impact matrixes, and apply the Top Ten Risk Items.
  • Quantitative risk analysis and how to apply decision trees, simulation, and sensitivity analysis to quantify risks.

Management Question
Management Question
Management Question
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