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Please, in a few paragraphs, address the following queries; in exploring your horror roots & experiences, try to cite specific examples/memories/experiences, PART ONE: 1. First, what you consider your home space(s) to be, relevant film/media & overall courses (high school, college, workshops) to the topic of horror. Then, please list five (5) media-based artifacts (films, TV shows, webisodes, podcasts, literature, cartoons, games, music, etc.), as well as a five (5) real-life events/happenings/situation related to our topic of horror. If needed, offer brief annotations to clarify your selections. PART TWO: 1. What is "horror/the Uncanny" (das Unheimliche) for you? How would you define/describe it? When did you first become aware of the experience, response, sensation you consider "horror?" Feel free to share particular experiences or examples. What or who have impacted, influenced, shaped your perspective(s) on/of "horror?" 2. What are your expectations, anticipations concerning horror film (and other expressive explorations of horror)? When did you first experience, consume film/media/expressive arts horror? What do you consider, within the realm of film/media, effective or successful horror? Briefly consider why. And finally, list some sub-genres of horror, along with some examples of the sub-genre (either performer, plot, or activity), that you are familiar with, or are fond of (feel free to refer back to Part 1 on this, or expand your lists). PART THREE: 1. List several issues/themes/considerations concerning horror that you might to explore or create. What forms of media do you use to create or consume horror - performance (live spaces), social networks (twitter; facebook; instagram; tumblr; Tik Tok; Snapchat; the now defunct Vine; Tinder; Parler; etc.), multi-media platforms (youTube; vimeo; itunes podcasts; your own website)? Have the new technologies (or tech platforms) shaped or altered your horror sensibility or expectations? ...
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