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need to write in an IEEE format and please follow the documents which I had uploaded and the structured image.

Cyber Security Question

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A4.2.6 CI7160 (Mobile Security) 2020-21 Coursework Part C (Mobile Security Report) This coursework allows you to extend your knowledge and understanding of a particular security-related topic presented during the taught component of the module. This coursework assessment will count for 60% of the overall marks for the module. SYNOPSIS The overall aim of this coursework is to write a technical paper on the application of principle of mobile security techniques to a well-defined area within the area of mobile computing domain, including a case study. This will also comprise a discussion of social and ethical issues in your chosen mobile application. For suitable security techniques, you may select techniques presented during the lecture (e.g. security assessment, key management protocols or cryptographic techniques) or choose a technique of your choice provided you have it approved by the coursework setter. The following areas of mobile security can be used as application mobile domains: mobile ad-hoc networking, mobile health, mobile cloud, mobile banking, mobile learning or mobile social networking. You may choose a different area, but please consult with the module teaching team in order to assess its suitability. The case study must present either an existing research prototype, commercial system or your own original idea. The application domain should not be based on a case study, involving a real organisation, without the written permission from a senior person within the organisation and this written permission must be appended to the report. If you are using a real organisation, make sure you are not including any confidential information in your coursework report and contact the module leader to arrange additional precaution measures. Your discussion of social and ethical issues should identify one pertinent aspect that may be seen as a security or privacy-related threat in the application area, illustrate its relevance for the case study, and suggest some ideas for its mitigation. REPORT STRUCTURE The report must contain a title, abstract, key terms, introduction section, main body and a conclusion. In addition to this, full references are required as are captions for all illustrations and tables. You should include your affiliations with the report, i.e. your name, School and University, MSc course and K-number. The IEEE conference Microsoft Word template can be found online and is also available on Canvas for this report and must be followed. The abstract should summarize the scope of the paper in no more than 150 words. The report must be 4 pages (this is approximately 3000 words in length, using the 2-column IEEE format and font size prescribed by the template). Please pay attention to the marking scheme as a further guidance for content that you should include in the main body of the report. References should take the following form: full list of authors (i.e. not ‘et al.’), title of paper/book, title of journal (publisher if a book), year of publication, volume number and first and last page numbers. If you are using a Web reference, the full URL must be included along with the date of access. The referencing should be done using the Vancouver referencing style Remember that this is to be a technical report, so make sure the contents are presented in a format suitable for publication in a technical conference or journal. ASSESSMENT CRITERIA – MARKING SCHEME This coursework component contributes to 60% of the overall available module marks. The marking scheme of this assignment is based on several components with corresponding weights, given as follows:  Synopsis (Title, Abstract and Keywords – 10%  Content (Scope and Technical Accuracy, Logical Coherence, Balanced Addressing of Security Technique and Mobile Application Domain, Case Study, Clarity of Expression and Explanations) – 30%  Critical Analysis (Suitability and Justification of Selected Security Technique, Synthesis of Theory and Practice, Discussion of Social and Ethical Aspects) – 40%  Presentation (Use of Language, Adherence to Formatting Instructions, Quality of Diagrams, Use of References) – 10%  Conclusion (Summary of Work, Outlook) – 10% SUBMISSION INFORMATION The report needs to be submitted as softcopy only, by uploading to Canvas, using the provided link. The deadline for submission of the completed coursework is Thurday, 17th December, 23:59pm. Once this deadline has passed, a late coursework link will still be available for you in case you had difficulties with the submission, but you need to e-mail the coursework setter if you have used it and you may experience a penalty. You will receive written feedback, including your provisional mark, 3 working weeks after the submission deadline. If you are ill or have problems that prevent you from meeting the deadline you may be able to negotiate an extension in advance. The University Mitigating Circumstances policy may apply. You will need to use the online Extensions and Mitigation Circumstances system. Remember if you submit a piece of work or attend an examination, you have judged yourself fit to undertake the assessment and cannot claim mitigating circumstances retrospectively. Academic Misconduct Plagiarism is presenting somebody else’s work as your own. It is an offence to copy materials (even if it is a phrase or a sentence) from the Internet or other work and publications. Further details about plagiarism and referencing can be found at: s/documents/Plagiarism_%20Student.pdf ...
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