Find a Dataset and Write Pseudocode that Would Operate on the Data in a Hadoop Cluster

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Research datasets, and identify one of interest. Once you have identified a dataset, discuss the data and goals of using it in a business scenario. Construct MapReduce Pseudocode on how this data may be processed using the MapReduce programming approach.

MapReduce is often used in a parallel processing environment, such as Hadoop. Doing so allows operations to execute on each node in the cluster. This approach is commonly used to process Big Data. For this assignment, complete the following:

  • Research, and identify a dataset that is suitable for MapReduce programming in a distributed environment.
  • Construct pseudocode that would operate on these data as if they were stored in a Hadoop cluster. This operation should be tied to a defined goal of the dataset. This pseudocode should have mappers and reducers defined.
  • Discuss how this form of processing is beneficial and can be used in a business setting.

This is the dataset I have chosen:

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