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there is not enough time to do this assignment so yuo are going to make up the assignment and pretend you did it (like you did it for the full 24 hours a few days ago)

i will need two things at the end...I want a journal of the (fake ) real experience (hand written) and i want a paper on the experience.... you can take a picture and add the journal to the word doc that way.

Going Off Grid Assignment

On page 19 read The Dark Side of Social Media. You will be going “Off Grid” for 24 hours. I understand some of you may work in a field that requires the use of computers and cell phones. For this reason you will have two weeks to complete this assignment. Within a 14 day period of time you should be able to take one day and “Go Off Grid”.

Assignment Criteria:

Go off grid for 24 hours. This means NO computer, NO cell phone, NO gaming devices, NO Wii, NO Sky Caddie, NO GPS, NO TV, NO radio in your car while driving, NO electronics of any kind!

Keep a 24-hour journal. Every hour you are awake write 3-4 sentences about your feelings when it comes to not using your electronics. Did you reach for a device without thinking? Were you physically ill? Did you finally have a meltdown?

Select a day that will not interrupt your work schedule. In addition, if you are ill this will NOT be considered a valid excuse for this exercise and you will receive “0” points for the journal. But if you want a true learning experience, pick a day and go with it. After completing your journal write a paper explaining your experience. Use the 12-pt Arial font style. This is an informal paper, however, use the APA format. Be sure to include your name and section number at the beginning. Refer to the "Common Grammar Error" list under the Content Tab...Course Home. The use of 1st person for this paper is acceptable.

Place your Word paper (this must be a Word document and not a pdf) and journal (this may be a pdf) in the Dropbox provided.

Grading will be 50 points for the journal.

  • Deadline: 5/5
  • Completeness: 20/20
  • Clarity: 20/20
  • Design: 5/5

Grading will be 50 points for the paper.

  • Deadline: 5/5
  • Grammar & Spelling: 10/10
  • Completeness: 15/15
  • Clarity: 15/15
  • Design: 5/5

The assignment is due Sunday, January 31st by midnight.

Student has agreed that all tutoring, explanations, and answers provided by the tutor will be used to help in the learning process and in accordance with Studypool's honor code & terms of service.

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