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Find an article that used the agenda-setting theory OR uses and gratifications theory.

Guidelines for

Research Article Critiques

Your research article critique should be approximately 500-750 words, single-spaced, and should: (1) come from a peer-reviewed journal, (2) be clearly connected to a media-related theory, and (3) be empirical (data collected in the “real world”). The journal article should have been published within the past 3 years.

First, put the article’s citation at the top of your Research Critique in APA style. For example…

Vartanyants, I. A., & Kovalchuk, M. V. (2001). Theory and applications of x-ray standing waves in real crystals. Reports on Progress in Physics, 64(9), 1009.


1.Briefly summarize what the article is about and clearly state the theory addressed in the research (approximately 150 words).

2.Describe the most important results/assertions from the article (appox. 150 words).

3.Provide an analysis of the article’s strengths (contributions) and/or shortcomings (e.g., did the research contribute to our understanding of the topic at hand; what could have been done to improve the article?, etc.) Did it make a contribution to existing theory (why or why not)? Perhaps, suggest “next steps” in this line of research or different approaches that might be used to better address the topic (300-400 wordsNOTE: more than 50% of your critique should consist of the analysis of the article you choose.

4.After skipping a couple of lines at the end, put the great question you will/would pose to the class based on the research study you analyzed (regardless of whether you are “presenting” your article that week).

Use simple language and must be free of plagiarism:)

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