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in this discussion we're looking at wireless networks, mostly focusing on mobile networks. Mobile networks in a global economy can be a challenge for multiple reasons. First, governments in other countries control the mobile networks. Second is the technology. Mobile networks in other countries might not be as good as the mobile networks within the US. As a global company, how can we deal with this? With a big push for 5G, which has speeds well over 2Gbps, how does that change the way you do business? What are some things you need to think about when it comes to doing business globally, using a wireless mobile network?

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Competition with mobile networks within the U.S.
Global mobile networks need to enhance features such as Mobile Networks Imposing
MVNOs, Roaming abroad, and Coverage Control and Restricting roaming rates of termination to
compete with the United States' mobile networks. The business weakness of 'exploitative pricing'
can tend to be healthy (i.e., over cost) termination rates, as they contribute to higher prices for
mobile service calls. Although if the money is 'reused' to telephone users, by phone subsidies or
other fee reductions that improve mobile coverage and allow others the advantage of being able
to contact new mobile users, then overall, telecom users may not lose and can even prosper
(Martin Cave, 2018).
The data roaming process must be simple, easy to understand and have a wide range.
And also concerned with the absence of successful rivalry in the market of mobile may either
aim to control retail rates directly or may enable access through resellers or mobile operators
virtual network (MVNOs) to the operator's mobile network (MNOs) facilities, which may then
be sold to the retail sector. So, it needs to indirectly regulate the selling price by setting a specific
access price (Benzoni, L., 2011...

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