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There are two parts to this assignment:

  1. Using the sample formula from Understanding Concepts, write a Position Statement (no need to confer with your team on this, as I want to see original statements from each person. During your next team meeting, review the statements, and decide which one you like best to use for the presentation.)
  2. Each person in the group needs to create a paragraph based on the assigned position (YES or NO), and one claim, explained with evidence. Your paragraph, particularly the claims/evidence, should appeal to the particular audience your group has chosen to present to. For example, if your group has chosen to appeal to the Florida state legislature, the tone and text of the paragraph should be tailored to appeal to that particular audience. (sample paragraph is below)
    • In one paragraph, state your claim, show evidence, explain the evidence, connect it to the claim, and connect the claim to the overall position. Be sure to format any sources you cite in accordance with the determined style. Include at least two pieces of evidence to support the claim.
    • List the same information in bullets as you might for a presentation. Include the position, a claim, evidence, and a connection.
    • Refute the claim you have offered, and discuss how the refutation could be deconstructed and countered.

As usual, make sure the submission is formatted according to MLA or APA standards (yes, not doing so correctly or not at all will impact your grade).

Sample for second part of this two-part assignment:

  • Claim:
    • Resisting a funding decrease will benefit the state because funds will be used to support areas of USF that bring research and grants to the institution.
  • Evidence:
    • President Currall said additional funding would be used for research and development (qtd. in “Fake Address” 24)
    • Prior R&D money brought in matching grants (Fake Author 2)
    • When R&D was cut, Florida lost grants, jobs, and research (“Fake Budget” 7)
    • Taken together, new funding should result in a return of research and jobs
    • Must also include a connection (see 4.1 reading. Use CTRL F and type “connection” to see an example)
    • Must also include a counter-claim and refutation for the last sentence of the paragraph:
      • Example: Even as (x + y) believes....the claim of____is still feasible, especially because of__________.

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