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Complete Case 6.1: A Question of Communication? A Change Project in a Local Government Agency in New Zealand (Pages 221-223) and address the following directives:

  1. Carefully READ the entire CASE first, and review again the chapter(s) pertaining to the case(s). Take time to critically think about all of the aspects of the case(s).
  1. Write a brief Overview/Summary of the case in your own words describing the nature and/or background information pertaining to the case. (Minimum 1/2 -1 page)
  1. In your opinion, what were some Critical Aspects in the case that were identified? What were some Critical Aspects that you perceived to be very vital? (Minimum 1 page)
  1. How were you able to make those Assessments of selecting the critical aspects or components for the case author/writer and for yourself? (Minimum 1 page)
  1. Identify and/or list some of the Outcomes, Solutions and/or Resolutions you extrapolated from the case. (Minimum 1 page)
  1. Write a Reflection on what you learned from the case pertaining to global leadership. (Minimum 1 page)
  1. Make sure your paper format is outlined with the above: (1) Cover Page Sectional Headings; (2) Overview/Summary; (3) Questions and Answers; (4) Critical Aspects and/or Assessments; and (5) Reflection page.

General Expectations for All Written Assignments:

Papers should follow current APA guidelines in terms of type, margins, and citations and address the following areas:

  • Address the actual assignment topic. Consult the instructor for additional information or clarity on assignment instructions.
  • Cover the assignment topic in sufficient detail and depth with scholarly sources to support claims.
  • The content should reflect ample use of required readings and other course materials.
  • The Case Study Analysis Rubric provides grading guidelines
  • Case 6.1 Page 221-223
  • Managing Change, Creativity & Innovation 3rd edition BY: Dawson - Andriopoulos

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