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Write a thoughtful paragraph of no more than 300 words.

Re-read the last section of "On Seeing England for the First Time" beginning with the second last paragraph ("It was not at that moment that I wished every sentence, everything I knew, that began with England, would end with 'and then it all died'" and all the way to the end. Consider how this last section connects to the rest of the essay and how it works at the level-of the sentence and as a whole.

Some questions you might consider are:

  • How has the rest of the essay led to/prepare the way for the narrator's reflection?
  • Does the emotional appeal revealed in this section connect logically to what has come before?
  • Can you point how the way the section is written, across a whole or individual sentences, reveals the emotion of the speaker? What emotions are revealed? (there are other emotions than anger)
  • Does the section elicit emotion from you? How so?

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The Mythology of Baseball

Name of the student:
The Mythology of Baseball

Upon arrival at the Whitecaps season's opening game, I feel very self-conscious, as if I do not
belong here. I glance at my companions and laugh; they probably think the same way. We walk
up the steps of the stadium, and I smile, momentarily caught up in the sweet charm of a group of
elderly men, playing 'Take Me Out to the Ballpark' in old fashioned brass style. This will be an
exciting night at the very least.

We joke around as we buy our wine coolers, thinking that if we are to experience a sizeable
American myth, baseball, we should also do something very American while doing so, namely
drink. We settle into our seat...

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