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44.   An account set up to cover part of a high health care
deductible is a:
  a.   POS.

b.   flexible spending account.

c.   PCA.

d.   PPO.

 e.   DOL.

The major reasons motivating U.S. corporations to provide domestic partner benefits
include all of the following except:

  a.   fairness to all employees regardless of their
sexual orientation or marital status.

b.   market competition.

c.   diversity in today's tight labor

d.   federal legislation mandating
these provisions.


  e.  none of
the above. 

46.  The most common approach to motivating executives to make
decisions that are in the best interests of stockholders is _____. 

  a.   high base salaries with few bonuses

b.   average base salaries with
significant firm performance bonuses

c.   a long-term incentive plan using
stock options

d.   average base salary with
performance-based perks

  e.  all of
the above

  Which of the following plans gives employees part ownership
in the company? 

  a.   Roth IRAs

b.   Pay-for-knowledge plans

c.   Gain-sharing

d.   Profit-sharing

 e.  ESOPs. 

50.   All of the following except _____ are provisions of the 1938 Fair Labor Standards

  a.   prohibition of hazardous work

b.   the minimum wage

c.   prohibition of child labor

d.   hours of work

 e.  all of
the above are included in the provisions of the 1938 Fair Labor Standards Act

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