2001 chevy malibu starting and not starting and dying

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car cranks and starts sometimes but then dies after i have been driving after a littlw while what is going on

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hi i had a problem with my 87 Lincoln just like you it could be a few things is it fuel injected it could be a bad injector or a bad controll module like i had when they get hot the car dies without warning when it cools it starts have your mechanic check the module
Have a mechanic check the knock/speed sensor(s). Worked for my 1990 Volvo 240DL.
Couple of things your may want to investigate:
The first is that you may have water in your fuel. This problem is prevalent in areas where there is or has been flooding, or areas of consistently high humidity. A bottle of DryGas will usually take care of this. I always keep a spare bottle in my car. Crud in the fuel line may also be a factor.
The second thing you may want to have checked is the alternator belt. It may be glazing which means that it will slip on the pullies and your alternator will slow down and your car's electrical needs are being supplied by the battery, even when driving. If your car dies while driving with a glazed alternator belt, the car can be re-started after a short while, but you will not be able to do this very many times without replacing the alternator belt. When the car is running on the battery, you will notice all elelctrical functions reduce (headlights dim, horn and turn signals are sluggish, etc...).
There are a number of other things that could cause the car to die while driving, but these. in my experience, are the most common.
my Pontiac did that, was a bad crankshaft sensor.
Dependig on what type of car it is, iwould agree the crank sensor could be the culprit, but also, the cam sensor or hall effects sensor (basically the same except for price and location.) It could be as simple as a bad ground in the engine compartment. Knowing year, make and model is essential for diagnostics due to the endless variables...jm

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