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Topics: Youth Sports, Youth in Sports, Is sport a place for youth?

Read: *DO NOT OWN BOOK* Sport in Contemporary Society Ch. 4, 5, 6; Fair & Foul Ch. 6 (10th Edition)

Author: D. Stanley Eitzen


How we can change youth sports culture


PSA: Kids Quitting Sports


minimum of 450 words in length (about 1 ½ pages double-spaced)

Essay Prompt:

Many children will leave sport altogether, explain why this happens using information from BOTH the videos and the readings. What issues do children face in sport that push them to quit? What conflicts do children face within sport? Can sport change in ways that support the needs to youth athletes? If so, how so, and if not, why not? Use the readings and videos to support your discussion.

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Youth sports have become a surprisingly hot button topic in recent years, with one side
advocating for the character building that hard work and dedication contributes to. The other side
is one calling for a break, for rest, for less pressure. And while both sides boast their own
benefits, the kids seem to be deciding for themselves. With statistics shedding light on the nearly
70% of youth that leave sports by age 13, there must be a way to reform the culture...

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