The Rogerian Proposal

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The Rogerian Proposal


Develop a 300-350 word proposal for your Rogerian essay due during week seven.
In the first section of your proposal, you need to state your topic, and briefly explain what the issue is with the topic. Also, state your stance on this issue.

After that, I would like for you to briefly explain your background knowledge about this issue. Explain why this issue is important to you. Does this issue affect you somehow? If not, who does this issue affect? Is this an area of interest for you in your studies?

In the second section of the proposal, discuss your research plan. This is an important component of the essay – you do not want to write the essay until you have adequately researched this issue. What do you need to find to adequately prove your stance on this issue? What kinds of sources have you found about this topic? What areas of the APUS library are you using to find your sources (ProQuest, Ebsco, or another database)? What search terms are you using? You can also post a sample article, if you like.

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