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Securing company data is not as simple as backing up to another hard drive. It is important to have backup tools, processes, and policies for both business continuity and disaster recovery plans.  

In the final section of your Playbook, create a 3- to 4-page outline of backup policies for when the data center is inaccessible.  

Complete the following in your outline: 

List the tools used for backup purposes. 

Explain the following: 

Where employees should work from that day 

How employees can get to their data 

  • The communication methods about updates 
  • Outline step-by-step instructions to recover your databases and telecommunications. 
  • Provide a step-by-step guide to recover and provide any additional company assets. 
  • Discuss policies for backup media storage. 
  • Discuss policies for encryption of backup data. 

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Backup Policies for Inaccessible Data Center
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Backup Policies for Inaccessible Data Center

Tools used for backup purpose
Backing up data is a technique of coming up with duplicate data copies to ensure data
availability in cases of disaster. The major tools and methods that are used for backup purposes
are cloud storage, colocation, 5D data storage, and on-premises. Cloud storage is used to store
data operations and information from a company through the shift and lift strategy and can
provide more backup storage when needed. Colocations will involve the storage of a company's
data with a data storage Centre. The Five-dimensional (5D) method of data storage utilizes discs
of fused quartz that encode the data from the company in three standard dimensions ( length,
width, depth) and two optical dimensions (Chan et al., 2017). On-premises data storage involves
servers owned and managed by the company itself by the use of machines located in an office
dedicated to data storage and safety.
Where employees should work from
In the case of data center inaccessibility, the company employees will ...

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