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- Name and describe a typical company that is organized as a hierarchy.
- Describe how the following are practiced at this company—specialization, coordination, cooperation, and control.
- How does this company’s structure and management system promote the effective implementation of the company’s strategy?
- Describe how the following are practiced at Gore—specialization, coordination, cooperation, and control.
- Given that typical control mechanisms are lacking at Gore, how is the company able to effectively operate?
- How do Gore’s organizational structure and management systems promote effective strategy implementation?

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Part I

Amazon’s Hierarchy
a. Specialization, coordination, cooperation, and control at Amazon Inc.
b. Implementation of Amazon’s strategy through the company’s structure and
management system.
Part II


WL Gore & Associates’ Organizational Structure
a. Specialization, coordination, cooperation, and control at Gore
b. Effective operations at Gore
c. Implementation of Gore’s strategy through the company’s structure and
management system.


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Part I: Amazon’s Hierarchy

Organizational structure determines the company’s management model, which influence
communication, collaboration, coordination, strategy implementation. Zheng et al. (2010)
established that organizational structure has a significant impact on organizational effectiveness.
Typically, most companies integrate organizational structures that align with their strategic
goals. Amazon Inc. is one of the prominent organizations with a management hierarchy. Jeff
Bezos, the president and the company founder, who also doubles up as the Chief Executive
Officer (CEO) and the Board’s Chairman, heads the executive. Besides the president, the
executive management comprises the Senior Vice President who is also Chief Financial Officer


(CFO), CEO Worldwide Consumer, CEO Amazon Web Services, Vice President Worldwide
Controller, and Senior General Council and Secretary (Vice President) (Amazon Inc., 2021). The
senior managers report to the president. Amazon adopts a functional corporate structure,
focusing on a variety of business functions. The hierarchal structure also includes geographical
divisions to manage functions based on the region’s niceties.
Specialization forms the bedrock for integration and division of functional units and
responsibilities at Amazon. Essentially, organizing the managers based on their specialized units
gives the company a competitive edge to augment an expansive market reach (Ramsey and
Duhe, 2010). Notably, Amazon’s organizational structure provides a spri...

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