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Don’t forget writing basics. You’re making an argument. Don’t meander. Give a thesis statement. State how you’ll make your argument (which points you’ll present), back it with specific examples/evidence. Then transition to the next point. Finally, wrap it up with a summary statement.

Proof-read your work.

Take one of the following myths: Apollo and Daphne, Artemis and Callisto, or Orpheus and Eurydice. Briefly summarize the myth.

Then briefly analyze it using 2 of the many methods we discussed. You might refer to the etiological method, Euhemerism, structuralism, the neo-ritualist model emphasizing biological programs of action, Freudian or Jungian psychological methods, etc… What do you think the myth is about?

Explanation & Answer length: 600 words

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OUTLINE, Apollo and Daphne mythology

o Apollo and Daphne's mythology is part of Greek mythologies
o Apollo was the Greek god of the sun, art, poetry, music, and warrior
o Eros was the god of love

Eros and Apollo battle
o Apollo mocked Eros using the arrow and the bow narrative.
o Eros felt insulted, and he prepared an arrow of lead and another one of gold
o Eros shot Apollo with the gold arrow and introduced a consuming desire and love
for the river nymph, Daphne

Apollo and Daphne myth summary
o In Apollo and Daphne, the myth expresses desires that may not be taboo but
glorified in the myth setup.
o The dominant desire in this myth is lust. Lust is frowned upon in society because
it leads to vices like rape. A lustful person doesn't stop until he is satisfied, no
matter how crude the methods he uses. One of those methods can be rape, a
capital crime in society.

o Etiology in mythology seeks to explain the origin and cause...

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