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Dr. Wassmiah is a leader in a local hospital and works well in the environment. The hospital’s environment is characterized by well-defined individual roles where each employee knows what is expected of him or her. Employee conflicts are minimized as everyone understands his or her responsibility, and the coordination of all activities leads to goal attainment. There is no duplication of work. Dr. Wassmiah encourages people to perform well and rewards positive behavior to boost productivity. Most goals Dr. Wassmiah sets are short-term, making them easier to fulfill, less intimidating to achieve, and as a result, employees are interested in obtaining the various rewards. When a problem arises, Dr. Wassmiah directs the employees in what to do and is quick to point out if the employee does not deliver results. However, Dr. Wassmiah suspects that employees are not working when there is no supervision.

-What style of leadership is most likely described in this case and why have you reached that conclusion? What are the advantages of this type of leadership and what examples from the case support your position? What are the disadvantages of this type of leadership and what examples from the case support your position? What are the implications for employee motivation with this type of leadership? What other styles of leadership might be complementary to that described in the case and why?

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Leadership Style
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Question no 1
Different types of leadership are important to manage the work in the organization. The
selection of leadership is based on the nature of the business and the personality of the leader.
The leadership style that has been described in this case is "Transactional Leadership" because
the leader is trying to motivate the employees so that they can perform well in the hospital. There
is no doubt that the hospital is getting advantages due to implementing this leadership type in the
workplace, but some problems are associated with this style. Dr. Wassmiah is trying to motivate
the employees and also gives rewards to the employees or healthcare professionals who perform
well that have made it clear that the leadership style that is being used is transactional. There are
different other points that have proved this type of style, such as the employees need supervision
for performing well in the organization that is also a distinct characteristic of the transactional
leadership style. Therefore, I have claimed that the organization is getting success due to this
leadership style.
Question no 2
There are various advantages of this type of leadership due to which different organizations are
using this type of leadership in the workplace. Some of these leadership styles are explained
Increase Productivity
This type of leadership's primary focus is that the employees become motivated because the
managers give rewards to the employees. When the employees received the higher authority
reward, they find it valuable and work with more attention. It has been determined from the
research that the employees also become passionate about the work due to getting rew...

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