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apply strategies for integrated delivery systems by examining current and future challenges and opportunities of integrated systems. You will select an existing healthcare organization from any one of the lists provided in the web links section. After researching this organization, you will propose an integrated delivery system that incorporates a health plan, a hospital or group of hospitals, a skilled nursing home, and an innovative healthcare delivery model (e.g., accountable care organization, patient-centered medical home model). Your proposed system must meet the rising health demands of a large population of individuals 65 or over and the regional needs of the healthcare organization. Your proposal should also achieve the goals of integrated systems and person-centered care.

A. Summarize the following information regarding the geographical location of the selected organization(s) and the populations served, using primary research:

  • geographic data
  • demographic information
  • population health information, supported by current health statistics
  • priority health needs of the population served
  • Note: Use federal, state, and local sources for your research. You will be required to cite your sources according to APA style.

    1. Analyze the selected organization's existing capacity and current strategies to meet the health needs of your chosen population.

    a. Discuss how the needs of the population in your chosen geographic region, including the older population, are not being met by the current system of healthcare delivery.

    2. Discuss methods or tools that will be used to assess the need for an integrated delivery system.

    B. Create a proposal for a new integrated delivery system by doing the following:

    1. Describe the participating organizations, facilities, and/or programs of the new integrated delivery system (e.g., health plan, hospital, skilled nursing home).

    2. Explain, using primary research, how the new integrated delivery system will meet the current needs of the population.

    3. Evaluate how your new integrated delivery system will represent a shift from volume-based care to value-based care.

    4. Discuss how you will customize any four strategies from the “Ten Must-Do Strategies” attachment for your new integrated delivery system.

    5. Discuss which second-curve metrics would be most relevant in measuring the success of any newly implemented strategies from the attached "Your Hospital's Path Second Curve: Integration and Transformation."

    6. Analyze the financial advantages and disadvantages of transitioning to an integrated delivery system.

    7. Describe each of the following operational components of your integrated delivery system:

  • organizational structure
  • governance structure
  • financial management strategy, including how to manage costs
  • workforce strategy
  • health information technology strategy
  • continuous quality improvement strategy
  • clinical integration
  • legal and regulatory review
  • 8. Explain how the new integrated delivery system will maintain person-centered and whole-person care.

    C. Discuss two to three operational challenges the organization will need to address for each of the following areas:

  • leadership
  • workforce
  • care delivery
  • 1. Discuss two to three operational opportunities the organization can leverage for each of the following areas:

  • leadership
  • workforce
  • care delivery
  • D. Discuss how your proposed integrated delivery system aligns with the 10 principles from the attached “Ten Key Principles for Successful Health Systems Integration.”

    E. Reflect on the lessons you learned about integrated delivery systems by completing this proposal.

    Requirements: 5-8 pages | .doc file

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    C990 Integrated Delivery System Proposal




    My choice of existing healthcare organization for research and discussion is the UCLA
    Medical Center. UCLA is an academic medical center and is ranked among the best comprehensive
    and advanced healthcare facilities in the United States. It is also among the top best-performing
    healthcare organizations in the US and globally (McKenzie, & Harrington). UCLA medical center
    comprises several different hospitals and extensive primary care in the Los Angeles region.
    Examples of UCLA hospitals include Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, UCLA Santa
    Monica Medical Center, UCLA Mattel Children's hospital, and David Geffen School of medicine
    at UCLA. The organization's primary goal is to offer the best experience for patients all the time
    in every encounter (McKenzie & Harrington). The facility has provided the best and latest medical
    technology to the Los Angeles community and worldwide for over sixty years. The UCLA
    organization's integrated mission is to offer state-of-the-art patient care, support research,
    discovery, and train top medical professionals (McKenzie, & Harrington). The everyday health
    needs for the patients visiting the organization include complex illnesses such as cardiac surgery,
    organ transplantation, cancer treatment, and neurosurgeon. The organization's vision is to heal
    patients by improving health to alleviate suffering and deliver acts of kindness.
    Existing Capacity and Current Strategies Applied By UCLA Medical Center
    According to statistics, UCLA Medical Center has more than two hundred UCLA
    physicians listed among the best performing doctors in America (McKenzie, & Harrington). The
    hospital has nearly six hundred thousand unique patients every year and almost three million
    outpatient visits. UCLA Medical Center has eighty thousand registered emergency department
    units and four thousand registered nurses with twenty thousand employees (McKenzie, &



    UCLA Medical Center strives to redefine excellence standards in healthcare services every
    day and aims to become an excellent model in its services (McKenzie, & Harrington). The
    organization applies various strategies to meet the needs of the population. For instance, the
    organization is committed to research and education in promoting patient care; hence, its patients
    experience the latest treatment techniques from diagnosis and research. The organization is also
    committed to community partnerships. For instance, UCLA Medical Centr...

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