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In a 3–5 page paper, research your local office of emergency management and/or Emergency Operations Center (most counties, municipalities, and universities have these departments). Interview someone from one of these agencies (via phone, in-person, or via email) and discuss the following:

  • For what specific threats (man-made or natural) has their agency prepared? (There will likely be different focuses in different areas of the country.)
  • How have they partnered with other local government agencies (i.e., law enforcement, EMS, school district, etc.)?
  • How have they partnered with private organizations within their community?
  • To what extent do they partner with federal agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security?
  • How do they engage their community in preparing for and preventing natural and/or man-made disasters?

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Emergency Management in Emergency Operation Center
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Understanding some concepts on criminal justice requires one to conduct research
personally. These concepts include emergencies in various operation centers, offices, or
institutions and how they can be managed. Various research and data collection methods can be
applied to get accurate information on the subject matter. This paper analyzes the utilization of
field research methodology where the data is collected through an interview. The research was
conducted in the emergency operation center of a university by interviewing the department
manager. The data collected helped answer various questions regarding emergency management.

Threats Prepared for

The primary goal of emergency response is prevention before cure. It encloses a wide
variety of measures and strategies that aim to protect life and properties against disasters and
deal with the social interferences resulting from disasters. The threats spoken of in this case can
be human-made or natural calamities. These can equally vary depending on geographical
locations. For instance, an emergency agency in a semi-arid area would most probably focus on
preparing for a drought, while an agency in a highland will most likely ready for a flood.

The agency has prepared for calamities such as a fire in this case. There are possibilities
of having unruly students who may misbehave and start a fire within the campus (Tanner &
Doberstein,2015). This is a preventive measure the university has put into consideration. Another
threat the agency considers is the possibility of a s...

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