Ensayo Sobre Mi Rutina De Los Lunes

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I need someone to help type my Monday routine in Spanish for me.

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My Monday Routine Hi today I will be talking about my typical Monday routine. I usually wake up at 7AM on a Monday and go get breakfast from the dining hall on campus. I eat right before my 8AM class in the morning. I only have two classes on a Monday. My economics class at 8AM and my Spanish class at 9:45 AM. I enjoy both of these classes a lot although I do feel very tired by the end of my classes. I go to the gym right after them. After the gym I usually take a shower in the afternoon and then go grab lunch with my friends usually around 1PM. Me and my friends like to play some video games or watch a movie after we have lunch right before we get to studying. I usually study from 3pm to 6pm. After studying I like to write scripts or read books about space in my free time. I am very fascinated with learning about space and love to write scripts for short film ideas. By 7pm I have my dinner with my best friend usually and we sit in her room having dinner while listening to our favorite songs. After dinner I usually call my family to see how their day has gone and then end up watching some of my favorite shows on Netflix for a while. I get ready for bed around 10pm and usually fall asleep by 11pm in my dorm room.
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Hello! Here I am :) I'm done. Here you'll find the assignment. I hope it meets your requirements :) If you need me to change or update anything please do let me know :D I'll be around ^_^

Mi rutina de los lunes
¡Hola! El día de hoy les hablaré sobre mi rutina típica de los lunes. Los lunes normalmente me
despierto a las siete de la mañana. Desayuno en el comedor del campus, justo antes de mi clase
de las ocho de la mañana. Los lunes sólo tengo dos clases, las cuales son mi clase de economía,
que es a las ocho de la mañana, y mi clase de español, a las nueve y cuarenta y cinco. Ambas clases
me gustan mucho, pero suelo sentirme muy cansada al terminarla...

znev_zc21 (389)
New York University

Really helped me to better understand my coursework. Super recommended.

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