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Write a program metric.c that asks users for their height in feet and inches, written for example as 5’7”, and converts it to centimeters, printed to a single-digit accuracy. Note that feet are represented by a single forward quote ’, and inches by a double open quote ” (not by two single quotes). Also recall that a foot is 12 inches and an inch is 2.54 centimeters. The program should run as follows:

(˜)$ a.out

Your height in feet and inches: 5’6"

You are 167.6 cm tall.

(˜)$ a.out

Your height in feet and inches: 6’5"

You are 195.6 cm tall.

Write a program sum.c that prompts the user for the sum of up to five real values and prints the number of terms and their sum with a two-digit precision.

(˜)$ a.out

Type a sum of two to five reals: 2+3.3+4.44=

Your 3 terms add to 9.74.

(˜)$ a.out

Type a sum of two to five reals: 2.222+4.444=

Your 2 terms add to 6.67.

Write a program precision.c that prompts the user for a real number between 0 and 9, and outputs a table showing this number to 1, 2, 3, and 4 digit precision as follows. Make sure your output matches the following table exactly, including the blank line and the table format.

Real number between 0 and 9: 3.14159




| 1 |3.1 |

| 2 |3.14 |

| 3 |3.142 |

| 4 |3.1416|


but the lines have to be lined up on the edges and middle, and the digits column has to be centered, while the number column is justified to the left

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