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Opioid abuse or addiction is a severe national crisis which affects human health and
socioeconomic protection. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (2020), 128
people in the USA die every day after an overdose of opioids as shown in the data of 2018. In
the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports a cumulative of 79
billion dollars a year for the economic burden of prescribed opioid abuse, including hospital
expenditures, reductions of productivity, treatment of addictions and inclusion in criminal
enforcement. Opioid addiction is one of the biggest challenges facing America today. Claiming
over 100 lives daily, the epidemic has become a modern health crisis.
Opioids are a class of drugs produced mainly by the poppy opium plant, Papaver
Somniferum, which function for several causes in the brain like pain relief. These are known
as prototypical anodyne, anti-causing agents and antidiarrheal drugs. Testing programs
for forensic and medical toxicological applications are often implemented since opioid
analgesics for chronic and acute pain are typically administered, but they are misused and are
subject for addiction. Because of their widely utilized medical and illegal use, opioids are
among the most significant types of drugs in forensic toxicology. The word opioid covers all
organic, semi-synthetic, and synthetic variants though naturally produced opioid. While certain
natural and semi-synthetic drugs have a morphine-like composition, synthetic opioids have a
broad spectrum of chemical classifications. Opioids are dangerous and heavily dependent,
although they can effectively ease discomfort. As opiates are used to treat chronic pain for a
significant period of time, the potential for addiction is extremely high (American Society of
Anesthesiologists, n.d.).
A report of National Institute of Drug Abuse (2020) states that, opioid addiction in
United States started in the late 1900’s. The health profession was informed by pharmaceutical
firms who were prescribing medical practitioners at higher rates, that addiction will not be
present on people who are prescribed with opioid pain relievers. An extensive diversion and

abuse of these drugs was the result of this action before it became apparent that these drugs
really were addictive. In 2015, opi...

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