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Chapter 3 of Vold's Theoretical Criminology discusses the prominence and role of Cesare Bonesana, marchese de Beccaria (Beccaria). Discuss specific elements of our current American criminal justice system that are based on or hold-overs from Beccaria's work.

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Beccaria on Specific Elements of Current American Criminal Justice System

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Beccaria Impact on the Current American Criminal Justice System
Criminal justice is the enhancement of justice to those who violated the laws to
commit crimes. However, the criminal justice system is a collection of government agencies
and institutions mandated to offer justice to those who commit crimes. There are many
objectives that the criminal justices have set; they include; rehabilitating the offenders,
preventing more crimes from happening, boosting the security in the society, and morally
supporting the victims of the crimes that have happened. The criminal justice systems include
police, prosecutors and defense lawyers, various courts, and prisons. The institutions work in
collaboration to ensure that minimal crimes are reported in society. Marchese de Beccaria
commented on classical criminology and suggested various ways that the criminal justice
system can fairly handle criminals concerning the type of crime they commit. American
criminal justice system has applied some of the issues he raises.
The fundamental theories established by Beccaria have been key to establishing a fair
and reasonable criminal justice system. His philosophies have been projected in today’s
criminal justice system in that the severity of punishment given is equal...

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