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Watch all of these videos and write a paper with an introduction paragraph, and a 1 paragraph summary of each video answering the question for each video. You need to use the text to help answer the questions. Conclude with three things that surprised you about the videos. Your paper should be at least 7 paragraphs.

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Are babies born to be want to help?

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Describe Social Referencing from the text, as it relates to this video.

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Avoidant, how many times was there contact and why do you think it was as it was

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Secure, did the baby seem any happier than the avoidant child and why or why not

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Think about how moms with baby blues or depression might have the same affect on their babies. What issues may arise from this according to the text in regards to the infant and the mother?

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Infants Behavioral Study

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Infants Behavioral Study

The videos watched are a compilation of studies on the behavior of children and their
responses. Each video has a specific behavioral study aspect that it examines. Certain tests are
carried out in each video to try and bring out different aspects of the study. The kids’ responses
to the tests get established, and a conclusion is made based on the findings.

Are babies born to be want to help?

Naturally, the human mind tends to sympathize and empathize with people in need. Most
humans tend to feel obligated to help when the need arises. Kids are not different; in fact, they
tend to have more compassion compared to adults. The environment kids grow up in affects their
response to different situations directly. They get the idea that human nature is supposed to be
helpful and cooperative. Kids tend to uplift and help when they see a need. The human species
could not have survived long if it were not for solidarity. In the video, the babies tend to help in
different situations where there is a need. The kids do it severally without getting annoyed. The
video shows that kids have an instinct of helping and compassion.

Social Referencing

Social referencing refers to the process by which infants use perceptual exhibitions from
adults to control their behavior towards the surroundings. Infants tend to regulate their actions
toward the environment based on adults’ affective displays, especially their parents. Social
referencing determines how infant...

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