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D,84,2 A,90,3 A,87,4 B,35,4 B,100,1 C,75,1 D,84,1 B,87,2 A,0,2 C,25,2 D,45,3 E,35,3 A,90,1 B,100,3 C,75,3 E,35,1 C,78,4 E,35,2 D,100,4 E,0,4 1 COSC 2425 – Programming Project 3 Write an assembly language program that reads move review information from a text file and reports the overall scores for each movie as well as identifying the movie with the highest total score. There are four movie reviewers numbered from 1 to 4. They are submitting reviews for five movies, identified by the letters from “A” through “E”. Reviews are reported by using the letter identifying the movie, the review rating, which is a number from 0 to 100, and the reviewer’s identifying number. For example, to report that movie B was rated a score of 87 by reviewer 3, there will be a line in the text file that looks like this: B,87,3 The fields within each record are separated from each other by a comma. Your program must store the movie review scores in a two-dimensional array (4 rows by 5 columns). Each row represents a reviewer. Each column represents a movie. Initialize the array to zeroes and read the movie review information from a file. After reading and processing the whole file, display a report that shows the total score for each movie and the movie that had the highest total score. Section 9.4 of our textbook discusses two-dimensional arrays. Section 9.4.2 discusses Base-Index Operands and even contains an example of how to calculate a row sum for a two-dimensional array. Chapter 11 contains an example program named ReadFile.asm that will show you how to prompt the user for a file name, open a file, read its contents, and close the file when you are done. Look in section 11.1.8, Testing the File I/O Procedures. Each record in a text file is terminated by the two characters, Carriage Return (0Dh) and Line Feed (0Ah). Assume that you wish to process a text file named “reviews.txt” that is stored on the “C:” drive in the “Data” folder. If you are using a Windows computer, you have two ways to identify the path to the file’s location: C:/Data/reviews.txt OR C:\\Data\\reviews.txt Double backslash characters (\) are needed because a single backslash is defined as being the first part of an escape sequence such as newline (\n).
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