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Create a Working Outline, Create an Inquiry Question, create a Working Thesis and create 10 topic sentence examples. 

Follow the Example Template below. 

Working outline

Inquiry Question: Why are young men identifying as “bronies”?

Working thesis: The brony movement is representative of a cultural shift taking place in how masculinity is being defined for and by young men.

Topic sentence1: When the 1980s series “My Little Pony” was rebooted in 2010, it was unexpected that “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” (MLP:FiM) would have a fandom outside of its target demographic of young girls.

TS: Male fans of ‘feminine’ texts aimed at girls is an understudied area. 

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Appearance and Success

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Appearance and Success
Inquiry Question: What role does appearance have in one’s power to success?
Working thesis: An individual’s physical appearance can predict an individual’s power to
success as it influences people’s basic personality traits, intelligence, political opinions, and
leadership success.
Topic sentence 1: According to Little et al. (2007), judgments of a person’s facial appearance
can significantly predict the likelihood of the person to be selected as a leader.
Topic sentence 2: In addition to selection, facial appearance can predict performance in a
particular job position; leadership ability judgments from photos of CEOs correlate with their
firms’ financial performance (Rule & Ambady, 2008).
Topic sentence 3: Penton-Voak et al. (2006) reported that physical appearance correlates with a
person’s basic personality traits.
Topic sentence 4: As reported by Samochowiec et al. (2010), facial appearance correlates with
an individual’s political opinions.
Topic sentence 5: A person’s facial appearance, albeit weakly, correlates with a person’s
intelligence (Zebrowitz et al., 2002).
Topic sentence 6: A person’s physical and facial appearance correlates with an individual’s
leadership success.
Topic sentence 7: Facial appearance can influence an individual’s career and how well the
individual will succeed in his career field (Antonakis, 2011).
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