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Week 8

Quality and Performance Management in Healthcare APA Style Question

Part 1

Discussion Prompt 1-3 Paragraphs
Discussion Prompt

Patient care is directly related to quality. Quality improvement starts with understanding what needs to be improved on. Provide an example of patient-generated data and explain how patient-generated data can help to improve care delivery.

Support your ideas with at least one scholarly source (you may use your text), and use terminology you learned this week. Cite and reference your sources using APA Style.

Part 2 (Please Separate this part to a PowerPoint Presentation w/ pictures so I can present)

Week 8 Assignment: Population Health Issue Video

Objective: Prepare a presentation of a population health issue.


Prepare a video presentation on an issue of population health related to disparity. You will develop a plan to increase access to health care for a specific population. Your audience is the hospital governing board. Your goal is to bring the issue to their attention and outline your plan for addressing the issue.

  • In your introduction, describe the issue and its prevalence.
  • In your video, outline the specifics of your plan and provide a rationale for why this is a good plan.
  • In your conclusion, explain the benefits of solving this problem.

Your video should be 3–5 minutes long and include a visual aid and a reference page. You must cite and reference at least two sources. You may use your text as a source. Be sure to follow APA Style in the presentation.

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Completed the assignment and the presentation.


Patient-Generated Data
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Quality in healthcare implies the provision of care that patients need when they need it, in an
effectively, safe, and affordable manner. The patient-generated health data are data collected and
recorded from patients. An example of patient-generated health data includes treatment history.
Treatment history includes information concerning the series of treatments that a patient has
received. Physicians can use treatment history to collect data that analyze patient outcomes from
previous treatment. Poor patient outcomes can be avoided by implementing procedures that led

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