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“Globalization has changed the functioning of local governments”. 

In the light of this statement, discuss the challenges faced by local governments in the age of globalization. With the help of examples, explain how local governments can raise their funds, meet future challenges and be able to convert their challenges into opportunities.

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Globalization and Local Governments

Globalization and Local Governments
Local governments have sought to build a more interactive and clear platform within
which they are expected to meet their followers' needs. Improving focus on the needs of
individuals within the society presents a broader context within which it is possible to attain a
higher level of success. The changing global context has incorporated different elements
which aim at defining change while also building strong structures that improve social and
economic development. Globalization is one of the major changes across different settings
that focus on building a broader context within which different individuals across different
settings in a more flexible and strong level of underdevelopment. Globalization has had a
diverse influence on the local governments' functions, mainly based on the integration of
other advanced concepts that promote an improved level of development. Thus, it is essential
to understand the benefits and challenges globalization has created which influence local
Globalization mainly involves the way people and countries across the globe interact
and become interconnected socially, economically, and politically. Individuals' ability to
interact across different technology-based platforms has been crucial in helping improve
efficiency and the level of interaction among individuals (Curran & Eckhardt, 2018).
Companies have been able to open businesses across different parts of the world while also
building a well elaborate management system developed specifically to ensure a higher level
of performance from a central...

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