Explain how and why Matthew may have edited Mark's Gospel, assignment help

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Explain how and why Matthew may have edited Mark's Gospel. Use the following two sets of passages to support your claim.

According to course materials (Bible, textbook, digital materials linked below, etc.):

1. How and why would Matthew have edited Mark 6:45-52 contrasted with Matthew 14:22-23?

2. How and why would Matthew have edited Mark 9:2-10 contrasted with Matthew 17:1-13?

Be sure to distinguish between paraphrase and direct quotes. Type a 350-750 word paper using MLA formatting. Submit the completed assignment to the appropriate Dropbox by no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT.

Resources for this paper:

See the ebook via SLU library: New Testament History and Literature by Martin (2012), pp. 106-108.

See the ebook via SLU library: The Gospels by Barton and Muddiman (2010), p. 56.

Grading Rubric

Accurate and complete reflection of material read for assignment. 40 pts

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Mathew is said to have written the gospel after Mark, using marks skeleton and adding
more flesh to the gospel. Despite the message being same, on the comparison, there are many
differences in the two books. This paper seeks to explain why and how Mathew would have
edited Mark’s gospel.
Mark 6;45-52 and Mathew 14;22-23 talk about Jesus dismissing a crowd ,making disciples go
into a boat and going...

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