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Your manager has been approached by the CIO (Chief Information Officer) to provide remote access to
end users. Among those end users are your company’s sales force members who are constantly on the road and workers who request to work from home.

The sales force is issued company laptops, while other users will use their own computers.

Create a proposal based on Windows Server 2012 that includes all of the following, along with your justification.

1. Design a remote access that can be used by the sales force as well as other users.

2. Remote access should be secured.

3. The laptops of the sales force members need to be checked to see if they have the latest
company-approved patches and anti-virus.

4. The other computer's users should be secured before they are allowed remote access.

Support your proposal by citing sources you may choose to bring into your writing. The paper should be 3-4 pages in length, formatting and citations of sources in APA style

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