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A counselor has been treating a  client named Jay who recently met with a bad accident that left him bed-ridden  and partially paralyzed. With sustained physiotherapy and medication, the  paralytic effect has gone but motor movements are still affected.

  His steady girlfriend left him  when she could not cope with the demands of a paralytic partner. Jay lost his  job too. These left a heavy dent on his self-esteem and he was slowly letting  his life slip past. He then opted for therapy.

  One day, he discloses to his  counselor that he is contemplating suicide because there is nothing he looks  forward to in life. He announces that he has had enough of living and plans to  shoot himself that evening. The counselor knows he has access to an old hunting  rifle and that he has attempted suicide in the past. He has been under  treatment for major clinical depression for the past three months.

  • Discuss the ethical issues presented in this scenario; identify the ethical code number and definition.
  • If  the counselor were to act ethically, would the counselor find it necessary to break confidentiality with this client?
  • Justify why or why not you feel the counselor would not need to break confidentiality.
  • If  a counselor were to find it necessary to break confidentiality because of a client’s risk of harm to himself/herself, what steps would the counselor follow to carry this out?
  • Compare the ethical issues presented in this  scenario to the APA’s ethical standards and describe the similarities or differences  in the ethical code, using the following Web site:

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