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A. Do you believe that the elected members of city councils, for example, Austin, Dallas, Lubbock/other Texas cities should be composed of equal numbers of men and women, as well as, members from different racial or ethnic groups in proportion to their population in a city? Discuss your views with a minimum of two paragraphs.

B. Who should pay more money for higher education in Texas as costs at colleges and universities continue to increase?

1. Colleges and universities through increased tuition/fees.

2. The state's taxpayers through higher taxes.

3. Students through more student financial aid assistance.

4. A combination or all of the above.

Discuss your views with a minimum of two paragraphs.

C. Despite prison reform laws/other initiatives in Texas that have helped decrease recidivism, it has been rated one of the top states in terms of people re-incarcerated/jailed. Discuss contributing factors with examples of recidivism/re-incarcerated/jailed cause factors and how you would resolve them.

Discuss your views with a minimum of three paragraphs.

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Q1: Equal representation
In a world where technology continues to make rapid strides, and barriers of gender are
becoming dismantled, political leadership continues to be predominately male. I do not doubt
that governance is enriched when men and women are seen as equals and offered equal
responsibilities. There should be an appropriate gender balance in the elected members of the
city council. The gender imbalance in elective office-holders may not seem like a unique issue to
investigate because it demonstrates a permanent feature of male dominance in leadership;
however, deeper evaluation reveals females' underrepresentation is quite puzzling (Teele, Kalla,
& Rosenbluth, 2018). It is essential to understand that equal opportunities for both genders are a
necessary condition for the functioning of a democratic society. Gender equality should not be
restricted to the constitution but should be evident in practice. Some political parties claim to
have a primary agenda to empower women to foster national prosperity; however, in reality, the
agenda's actual practice is missing, reflecting a lack of commitment, especially since more
women vote at a higher rate than men (Sanbonmatsu, 2020).
The community needs to diminish the negative stereotype that reflects women as weak
and a docile workforce alongside a reserved portion for labor in the capitalist system (Dolan,
2014). There is no job in modern society that fits a specific gender more than the other.
Therefore everyone can work with a similar outlook. Women will bring forth multiple, not
essentials concepts but issues that they have experienced in society. Therefore, without a
balanced representation, the concerns coming from female's experiences may not get equal
attention in a parliament, preventing changes in political practices. While it is unrealistic to
assume women would not make mistakes because they will. Some will get involved in
corruption and mismanagement; however, it is the same if men are in control. Similarly, ethnic

group or race as a component in community and politics has always functioned alongside gender
to decide which category in the society receives resources and opportunities (Sanbonmatsu,
However, in the twenty-first century and onwards, one ethnic segment should not
monopolize political power. Instead, there should be equal opportunity for members from
different ethnic groups in proportion to the city's population. In an increasingly diverse
community, it is essential to focus on the political inclusion of different ethnic groups to
establish an integration in the society; hence active participation in decision making is
paramount. However, the process gets hampered by a plurality vote system where the
representation of the minority group is possible if the group is geographically concentrated in an

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