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The paper needs to be at least 700 words long and be written in a reader centric perspective. This is being written for a reader named Lisa who is 19 years old, entering college as a business and economics major, and is very interested in entering the world of business. Make sure to write about the different kinds of writing you will come across as a business major or someone in the business world.

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Comp Assignment #1 SP21 **Submit a Word Doc, double spaced Your need needs to be part of the Doc title Your name also needs to be on the first page of the doc Put all the other stuff like date, assignment, etc. on the top of the first page. Write up a report in which you teach your reader about the kinds of writing they will be doing in the field of your choice – either when they have entered the profession, or when they are studying for it in college, or possibly both. The Search: You will find out the answers to this question by searching in as many ways as you can. You should do some internet searching for advice; some YouTube etc. searching to see if there are videos about this; some searching through course syllabi to see what kinds of writing assignments are given out (particularly in more advanced courses); talking with people you know who are either working in the field or who are more advanced in their college studies in that field; and any other sources of information you can think of. (Maybe even talk to professors.) The Paper: To make this as reader-centered as possible (and therefore way easier to write), consider that your reader is YOU (until you began your searching) and anyone else who is an early-career college student who will be entering this field of study and/or this profession. Just like you this reader will either (a) believe that writing has little to do with this field of study, or (b) will know that this field requires writing, but will be unsure of what that writing will look like, and therefore might be somewhat intimidated by it. (Consider this phase one of your design.) Once you decide upon that specific issue you want to help your reader through, you have finished phase two. Phase 3 will not consist of ‘brainstorming’ because, simply put, that info is not yet in your brain. So you need to do some ‘brain picking’ or good old researching for this phase of the design. And then you build, keeping in mind the question: What issues am I trying to solve for this reader (a reader who might need this knowledge next year, or in five years, or NOW)? What will be the best way for that reader (who you know very well) to process this knowledge? How do I know when I’m finished? How do I know what to explain and what to leave out? All of these questions are answered when you just think of that reader and what they need from this paper. All of your readers will want some breakdown of major types of writing (maybe two or three types), which a rich description of what each one consists of, and whatever else you have learned that YOU have found helpful in terms of being less intimidated by each. **NOTE: your goal is NOT to teach them “how to” write anything; you just want to show them what the product looks like at the end. Length: For this protype/draft, let’s not worry about the length. Let’s be as thorough as necessary for this reader, and don’t even look at the word count. But DO be honest with yourself: have you said enough to help your reader with their issue? Have you left too much info in your head and not on the page? Etc. We’ll evaluate whether these need to be longer or shorter after we test the prototypes (i.e., give feedback on the drafts). Prototype due Sunday, 2/21, by the end of the night.
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Hey buddy! I am done with your assignment! I am attaching:1) Your assignment2) a complimentary Grammarly report3) an additional outline for your help.Please check it out and let me know if you need any changes! I am always here for you! 😇 💛

The diverse World of Business Writing
Thesis statement: This blogpost discusses the major types of business writings in extensive detail.



Instructional Business Writing
a. User Manuals
b. Memos


Informational Business Writing
a. Financial Reports
b. Minutes


Persuasive Business Writing
a. Proposals
b. Sales emails
c. Press Release



[COMP Assignment #1 SP21]
The Diverse World of Business Writing
The world of business utilizes several kinds of documentation techniques to
accomplish different objectives in a corporate environment. Personally speaking, before I got
an admission into my business degree, I was unsure about the variety of writing styles that
exist. I always thought that business writing is just normal writing until I learned it the hard
way during the first semester of my college studies. Enrolling into the freshman year of
college with no knowledge about the diverse classifications of business documents, I was
surely caught off-guard when I had to deal with the sudden introduction of corporate-oriented
writing styles. These styles included instructional, informational, and persuasive business
writing styles. Before ...

Really helped me to better understand my coursework. Super recommended.


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